This means a great deal

Did you know that 120 million girls have been sexually abused, that 1 of 5 girls in the world are married before she turns 18 and that 2 million girls under 15 give birth every year? Every child has the right to a safe, formal, quality education and access to lifelong learning. However, due to a combination of many of these factors, many girls are forced to leave school while others never have the opportunity to go in the first place. Plan international works to ensure that all children can live a good life. Girls are the most exposed and vulnerable group and therefore a special investment in girls are needed!

In this special time as we live in now girls have it extra hard. COVID19 has forced girls around the world to spend more time at home and less time in school. This, in turn, has placed many at greater risk of violence, child marriage, genital mutilation. The practice has no health benefits and harms girls in many ways, robbing them of life opportunities and stopping them from reaching their potential.

In connection with the International Women’s day, we have chosen to enlighten this topic. Maybe we can enlighten you and hopefully the future for our girls!

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