World Series by Scanmaskin

SC 32 side 3  SC32 side 2
Now we introduce Scanmaskin 32, the most efficient floor grinder on the market. This machine is a part of our premium range World Series. The machine has a range of high quality features which makes this the most modern grinder in the industry.
When developing Scanmaskin 32 focus has been on the operator, where service, quality and reliability are some of the keywords. The machine has a casted machine house which results in no dust which often pass into the machine house while grinding.  Scanmaskin 32 is constructed so that minimum amount of time is required for servicing the machine. With a smart design you can easily remove the machine head.

The development of Scanmaskin 32 has been based on current market demand and industry trends from customers all around the world. We combine this input from our user base along with Swedish engineering, and have created a platform with increased productivity and functionality. The result is the fastest grinder on the market with a efficiency that reduce the number of grinding hours to a tenth. This machine gives the operator the greatest time gains, both in terms of efficiency and service life.

Sign in to the Image bank to get access to images of Scanmaskin 32. On Google Drive you will also find a product sheet of the machine. Notice that the product sheet is a tri-folder.