At World of Concrete 2018 we launched our brand-new product line World Series by Scanmaskin with the new grinding machine Scanmaskin 32 WS on the market. The grinding machine got a big breakthrough on the market and we got a lot of positive reactions from our customers all over the world.

In connection with this year’s World of Concrete, on February 4th 2020, we will be launching two new products to our product line. First up is our largest and most efficient industrial vacuum cleaner, the ScanDust 9000 World Series.

The Scan Dust 9000 World Series comes in two different performances, one electric version and one propane driven machine. The industrial vacuum cleaner is our largest and most efficient industrial vacuum cleaner in our assortment with its filter capacity and built-in pre-separators. The unique and patented pre-separator separates the dust into two stages and provides up to 90 % pre-separation. This means that you do not need to clean the filters as often, which gives a longer and more disruption-free operating time. The electric version of the Scan Dust 9000 World Series is equipped with a frequency control drive which allows you to adjust the power and speed depending on the application. The combination of this, together with high filter capacity and high airflow, allows you to connect more machines to the same vacuum cleaner.

Our second new addition is Scanmaskin 28 propane World Series.  Scanmaskin 28 propane has the same features as the Scanmaskin 32 WS propane with fully casted machine house, adjustable grinding pressure, simple service and so on.

The machines can be delivered in the beginning of May 2020.

More info coming soon!

About World Series
World Series is a product line of high-quality machines, industrial vacuum cleaners and diamond tools where the development has been characterized by inspiration and knowledge from all over the world. This premium range has focused on the end use and the end product. The main focus has been fast results with efficiency, service, quality and reliability.

About Scanmaskin
Scanmaskin is a dynamic, progressive organization based in Sweden. Since 1975 we have manufactured market leading floor grinding-, surface finishing and polishing equipment.  All our grinders and dust extractors are produced in our facility in Lindome, on the outskirts of Gothenburg. 

The development of new machines has been based on current market demand and industry trends from customers all around the world. We combine this input from our user base along with Swedish engineering, and have created a platform with increased productivity and functionality.

For more information abour Scanmaskins product or press information contact our marketing director Anna-Lena Lööf on Scanmaskin Sweden AB, / +46 707-99 87 90