Campaigns 2021

Dear reseller,

As part of our continued work with campaigns we have made some changes for next year. We will have campaigns running worldwide for a period of two months.

Below you will see the planning for the first 6 months. To get the possibility to be featured on our Social Media platforms, please email us pictures to that relates to the campaign, and we will tag your company along with the post. Our goal is to increase the brand value and get your names out there. Please reach out to us if you need any customized materials for these campaigns or have any questions.

As we always say, if you succeed, we succeed.

If you have any further question about our campaigns for 2021 contact our Marketing director Anna-Lena Lööf, +46 707 99 87 90

Featured Product Campaign Period of validity Comments

Start the new year with new air.

5 free midi longopac and a connection for double vacuum.

2021-01-01 – 2021-02-28

Show the huge capacity of the vacuum by giving away a double connection.

Start the new year with new air.

New year, newest product.

Scanmaskin 28/32 World Series (any model)

Enlighten your day, brighten the future for girls.

For every sold World Series machine, Scanmaskin will donate 3000 SEK to Plan international for their work with improving access and quality of schooling for girls. The machine comes with a gift certificate, a giftbox and a portable lightning device for the machines.


Feature women working with our machines.

Brand building activity in connection with the International womens day.

The lamp relates to enlighten people about the work of Plan International for children, especially girls.  The gift helps three girls to go to school for a year.

Scanmaskin 18

The machine that covers all floors.

Free wood set package: 1 set of velcro holders, 1 set of cushion pads, 3 sets of sandpapers #60 #100 #120 and a toolbox.

2021-05-01-2021-06-30 Show versatility, by grinding wood floors.