We are excited to introduce the Scanmaskin 32, the newest model in our premium range of World Series grinders. The Scanmaskin 32 has a wide range of high quality features, making it one of the most robust and technologically advanced grinders in the industry.

The development of the Scanmaskin 32 has been based on current market demand and industry trends from customers all around the world. We combined this input from our valued user base along with Swedish engineering. We have created a platform with increased productivity and functionality. The result is the fastest grinder on the market with high productivity that significantly reduces overall labor spent on a project. This is combined with a longer service interval, saving you time and money while on and off the job site an efficiency that reduce the number of grinding hours to a tenth. This machine gives the operator the greatest time gains, both in terms of efficiency and service life.

The Scanmaskin 32 was designed with a focus on the operator. This is demonstrated by the ergonomic handle design, ease of use, and advanced features that provide real time feedback to the operator. The machine features cast alloy components along with a floating shroud, designed for years of durability and dust free operation. The Scanmaskin 32 is equipped with a new toolhead for better balance and tool support and a new electrical cabinet with an improved cooling system that new electrical cabinet with a sealed cooling system that protects the electrical components from heat and dust. The 370 mm wheels and the quick release makes it easy to operate and maneuver the machine manually.

From allowing the operator to be more productive on the job site to reduced down time for repairs and maintenance, the Scanmaskin 32 will help your business run faster – this is grinding in the fast lane for real.